Helpful Suggestion #1

Stolen from a friend’s blog:


How To Be Happy

Today I recognized one of the reasons why I’m a generally happy individual: little things please me. The minute, mundane accomplishments of life fill me with contentment.

An example: every Tuesday morning is when we have to put out our garbage, our recycling box, recyclable plastics (a separate bag), and any garden waste that we don’t compost (another separate bag). When I come home after work and see that empty box and that empty compost bag by the door, I feel exceedingly pleased. I actually smile. Success, I think. Result. Tick in the box. Another minor task completed.


2 Responses to “Helpful Suggestion #1”

  1. That’s a very wise friend.

  2. coconutgirl Says:

    it’s lookin’ purty baby! haven’t gotten any rambling messages in a while and i’m getting lonely! xoxo

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