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New Nine Inch Nails Song and Messages from Trent!

Posted in music with tags , , on April 23, 2008 by Kerin

Nine Inch Nails released a brand new song last night called “Discipline.” A link to the song was followed by a message from Trent which read:

Hello everyone. Lots going on…

Some of you may have heard a new Nine Inch Nails track on your radio today. You can download your own copy of the track RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW for free.

Take your shirt off and dance to it!

What else is going on? Hmmn. We’re considering a real-time live webcast of me signing 2,500 copies of the just-arrived, super-ultra-mega-deluxe GHOSTS edition all day Thursday. These really turned out great and I can’t wait to sign EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

We have some tour info coming… SOON (I know you love that word) as well as some other info about something else, too.

Fans were quick to discover a bunch of information located in the MP3’s file properties. It included:

1. Artwork

2. Lyrics

am i still tough enough?
feels like i’m wearing down
is my visciousness
losing ground?
am i taking too much
did i cross a line
i need my role in this
very clearly defined
i need your discipline
i need your help
i need your discipline
you know once i start i cannot help myself
and now it’s starting up
feels like i’m losing touch
nothing matters to me
nothing matters as much
i see you left a mark
up and down my skin
i don’t know where I end
and where you begin
i need your discipline
i need your help
i need your discipline
you know once i start i cannot help myself
once i start i cannot stop myself

3. The words “Go to May 5″

Trent also posted the following on Echoing the Sound this evening:

You guys…
I’ve skimmed around a bit here seeing what the mob has to say. I’m posting here because I don’t want this to be “official”.
Interesting reading comparisons to WT and PHM. The truth is, this track just came out “as is”. I am obviously aware of how “poppy” it is and that should be taken as no indication of what other music I may or may not be working on might sound like. It’s almost summer, it felt right, it was refreshing after GHOSTS, I went with it.
Freedom from the infrastructure of record labels means immediate turn-around time from me to you, if that’s the plan. It’s exciting to be able to do that and it’s affecting my method of working at the moment. I suspect soon I will purposely take more time away and work differently – perhaps more calculated and deliberate. For now, this method is stimulating to me and is yielding results I’m pleased with.
What in the hell am I saying? Take your fucking shirts off and dance!

As if all that wasn’t enough, pre-orders will soon be taken for a limited edition, numbered series of Trent Reznor action figures.

Collect all three!

*Multi-tracks for “Discipline” can be found online at in the “MIX” section.


Watch Trent sign copies of the limited edition, ultra-super-deluxe version of “Ghosts”!



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As I was browsing the CNN homepage this morning, I noticed something odd. In the “Latest News” box, next to the camera icon that denotes stories with video, there was a new icon shaped like a shirt.


When I clicked on the icon, I was lead to a new page with an order form. Seems CNN has decided to offer headline t-shirts just like the Weekly World News used to, only not as cool.


Since I have no inclination to buy a t-shirt that reads “‘Hips Don’t Lie’ singer pushes education” (sorry Shakira), I decided to do some mucking around with the site to see if I could come up with something more interesting.


Now don’t get jealous. Here’s how you can make one of your own.

First, copy this URL (remove the “” – duh!):

Next, replace the words “Baphomette is so sexy and I want her bad” with whatever text you want, making sure you keep a %20 between each word just like in the original URL. Also, change the last three words of the URL to ones that relate to your headline. Like this:’s

Finally, hit “go” and, if you haven’t fucked up, a new window will pop-up with your brand new t-shirt design!

Yes, I know you could just as easily go to CafePress and make one but then you wouldn’t be stickin’ it to The Man! And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

“Wouldn’t that get a little monotonous – just Akron, cold beer and ‘poor, poor thing’ for two weeks?”

Posted in movies with tags , on April 20, 2008 by Kerin
Who’s more dangerous? The easy-going dreamer with a vivid imagination
or the people who want him to conform to the “accepted” version of reality?

Harvey and I have things to do. We sit in the bars, have a drink or two, play the juke box. Very soon the faces of all the other people turn towards me and they smile. They say: ‘We don’t know your name, mister, but you’re a very nice fellow.’ Harvey and I warm ourselves in these golden moments. We came as strangers – soon we have friends. They come over. They sit with us. They drink with us. They talk to us. They tell us about the great big terrible things they’ve done and the great big wonderful things they’re going to do. Their hopes, their regrets. Their loves, their hates. All very large, because nobody ever brings anything small into a bar. Then I introduce them to Harvey, and he’s bigger and grander than anything they can offer me. And when they leave, they leave impressed. The same people seldom come back, but that’s – that’s envy, my dear. There’s a little bit of envy in the best of us. That’s too bad, isn’t it?


  1. Jimmy Stewart received a percentage of the Harvey returns as part of his contract.
  2. Harvey is 6’3 1/2″ in the film but, in the stage production, he’s 6’8 1/2″.
  3. At the suggestion of Jimmy Stewart, the director widened many shots so Harvey would be “in” the frame.
  4. The film Donnie Darko also features a 6′ anthropomorphic rabbit.
  5. In Wallace & Gromit: the Curse of the Were-Rabbit, the local vegetable shop is named Harvey.
  6. In Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the main antagonist is on a search for Roger and a bar patron says he’s seen him. The patron then puts his arm around an invisible set of shoulders and says, “Well, say hello Harvey!”
  7. When PJ Harvey was asked to describe her soul with three words, she said “pink, fluffy bunny rabbit.”
  8. A Google search using the words “Harvey” and “Mary Chase” brings up this scary website.
  9. Davis & Davis Research Labs did a parapsychology research project on the Harvey myth.
  10. Some random guy named his blog 18th & Fairfax (the place where Harvey and Elwood first meet).
  11. The OED’s 2nd Edition definition of “pooka” is as follows: pooka, phooka (pu:ka). Irish. [Ir. puca] In Irish folklore, A hobgoblin, a malignant sprite. 1825 T. C. Croker. Fairy Leg. Irish superstition makes the Phooka palpable to the touch. To its agency, peasantry usually ascribe accidental falls. 1847 Le Fanu. T O’Brian The Cavilier had heard of Phookas that… scare… the benighted traveller. 1888 W.B.Yeats Fairy & Folk T. The Pooka… seems essentially an animal spirit… [a] wild, staring phantom.
  12. For about $14 US, you can buy a stuffed toy rabbit named Harvey.
  13. Apparently, Harvey now lives in Aloha, Oregon.

Fine Bone China

Posted in cool, want with tags on April 16, 2008 by Kerin

Since the computer and browser are acting wonky, I was unable to post the really, super cool entry about a new favorite artist. Instead, here’s a bit of filler…

skull plates
a skeleton walks into a restaurant…

Skull & Bones Dinnerware Set of 4

Boasting the classically quirky skull and crossbones design in sleek platinum, the porcelain Skull Collection will make your dining room table “bad to the bone” with cutting edge elegance.
Dishwasher safe Not for use in the microwave.
Round Dinner Plate is 10.5″
Round Salad Plates is 8.25″
Round Bowl is 5.5″
Mug measures 3″D x 4″H.
Available from Z-Gallerie

Now, I know my birthday has come and gone and it’s more than six months ’til Christmas but there’s never a wrong time to give presents. Giving makes you happy which helps keep stress away. And if you’re not stressed, you’ll avoid getting sick. And if you avoid getting sick, you’ll live for a long, long time. And that’s a good thing, right? Even experts believe this and NO ONE questions the experts.

A 24-piece set would be p-e-r-f-e-c-t and there’s no need to gift wrap.

In Case the Problem Continues…

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From National Geographic’s website:

A new hope has arrived for amputees that would make Luke Skywalker feel right at home: a highly advanced bionic hand controlled by a patient’s mind and muscles.

The newly released iLimb is the first prosthetic hand to have fully functional motorized digits that move and bend independently, its makers say. Electrodes taped to the skin transmit signals to tiny motors that power the fingers.

Previous artificial hands had only a thumb and forefinger that worked in a clawlike grasping action. But the new device allows amputees to carry out more delicate movements such as peeling a banana, typing on a computer, or eating with a knife and fork.

The iLimb is also covered by a semitransparent “cosmesis” that is computer modeled to look like human skin.

The hand, manufactured by Touch Bionics of Scotland, went on sale Tuesday in Britain for £8,500 (U.S. $17,454).

Fourteen amputees, including Iraq war veterans, were fitted with the robotic hand during an extensive trial period. One of these patients, Donald McKillop, 61, lost his right hand in an industrial accident nearly 30 years ago.

“They tell you to try and think as if you have two hands,” McKillop told the Telegraph newspaper.

“It is a real learning curve, and every day it gets easier. I was amazed how much I could do within the first hour of trying it.”

My bionic hand

And here I was, worrying about my right hand numbness! I should go cancel that doctor appointment…

Coinage Envy

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New Pretty Coins
From The Royal Mint’s website:

Your Change is Changing!

The coinage of the United Kingdom is changing. Familiar designs that have served us well for almost 40 years will be replaced by a new set of designs, contemporary in treatment yet grounded in the traditions of the coinage. Now, in a new age, the time has come to rejuvenate the coinage by seeking designs that treat traditional symbols in an innovative and modern way. The series that has been chosen brings new life to the coinage and, like the decimal designs 40 years ago, draws inspiration from the very fabric of British history.

The New Designs Revealed

The Royal Mint is delighted to reveal to you the new designs that will appear on our coins. Individually, the coins focus on details of the shield of the Royal arms and when placed together they reveal the complete shield. View the new coin designs now.

Never thought I’d develop an inferiority complex about my nickels. Thanks a lot, Joe Fitzgerald!

Nine Inch Nails 2008 Tour UPDATE!

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NIN live

Plans for a Nine Inch Nails WORLD tour have been announced!

From Nasty Little Man’s website:

Nine Inch Nails 2008 touring lineup has been completed. Returning member Robin Finck and new addition Rich Fownes will join Trent Reznor, Alessandro Cortini and Josh Freese for a world tour beginning July in North America.

Confirmed dates thus far for NIN’s 2008 world tour are listed below. Additional dates and on-sales will be announced shortly.

Trent Reznor also confirmed, via, that the band will be playing at this year’s Lollapalooza in Chicago’s Grant Park on August 3rd. Ticket information, set times and other details can be found on the festival’s website.

Lollapalooza 2008 flyer

Time to break open those piggy banks!