Fine Bone China

Since the computer and browser are acting wonky, I was unable to post the really, super cool entry about a new favorite artist. Instead, here’s a bit of filler…

skull plates
a skeleton walks into a restaurant…

Skull & Bones Dinnerware Set of 4

Boasting the classically quirky skull and crossbones design in sleek platinum, the porcelain Skull Collection will make your dining room table “bad to the bone” with cutting edge elegance.
Dishwasher safe Not for use in the microwave.
Round Dinner Plate is 10.5″
Round Salad Plates is 8.25″
Round Bowl is 5.5″
Mug measures 3″D x 4″H.
Available from Z-Gallerie

Now, I know my birthday has come and gone and it’s more than six months ’til Christmas but there’s never a wrong time to give presents. Giving makes you happy which helps keep stress away. And if you’re not stressed, you’ll avoid getting sick. And if you avoid getting sick, you’ll live for a long, long time. And that’s a good thing, right? Even experts believe this and NO ONE questions the experts.

A 24-piece set would be p-e-r-f-e-c-t and there’s no need to gift wrap.


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