New Nine Inch Nails Song and Messages from Trent!

Nine Inch Nails released a brand new song last night called “Discipline.” A link to the song was followed by a message from Trent which read:

Hello everyone. Lots going on…

Some of you may have heard a new Nine Inch Nails track on your radio today. You can download your own copy of the track RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW for free.

Take your shirt off and dance to it!

What else is going on? Hmmn. We’re considering a real-time live webcast of me signing 2,500 copies of the just-arrived, super-ultra-mega-deluxe GHOSTS edition all day Thursday. These really turned out great and I can’t wait to sign EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

We have some tour info coming… SOON (I know you love that word) as well as some other info about something else, too.

Fans were quick to discover a bunch of information located in the MP3’s file properties. It included:

1. Artwork

2. Lyrics

am i still tough enough?
feels like i’m wearing down
is my visciousness
losing ground?
am i taking too much
did i cross a line
i need my role in this
very clearly defined
i need your discipline
i need your help
i need your discipline
you know once i start i cannot help myself
and now it’s starting up
feels like i’m losing touch
nothing matters to me
nothing matters as much
i see you left a mark
up and down my skin
i don’t know where I end
and where you begin
i need your discipline
i need your help
i need your discipline
you know once i start i cannot help myself
once i start i cannot stop myself

3. The words “Go to May 5″

Trent also posted the following on Echoing the Sound this evening:

You guys…
I’ve skimmed around a bit here seeing what the mob has to say. I’m posting here because I don’t want this to be “official”.
Interesting reading comparisons to WT and PHM. The truth is, this track just came out “as is”. I am obviously aware of how “poppy” it is and that should be taken as no indication of what other music I may or may not be working on might sound like. It’s almost summer, it felt right, it was refreshing after GHOSTS, I went with it.
Freedom from the infrastructure of record labels means immediate turn-around time from me to you, if that’s the plan. It’s exciting to be able to do that and it’s affecting my method of working at the moment. I suspect soon I will purposely take more time away and work differently – perhaps more calculated and deliberate. For now, this method is stimulating to me and is yielding results I’m pleased with.
What in the hell am I saying? Take your fucking shirts off and dance!

As if all that wasn’t enough, pre-orders will soon be taken for a limited edition, numbered series of Trent Reznor action figures.

Collect all three!

*Multi-tracks for “Discipline” can be found online at in the “MIX” section.


Watch Trent sign copies of the limited edition, ultra-super-deluxe version of “Ghosts”!


One Response to “New Nine Inch Nails Song and Messages from Trent!”

  1. It’s very much like “The Hand That Feeds”, isn’t it? I like that track, and this one. I like poppy, dance-y fun songs. I also very much like the instant turnaround from artist to fan. Like he said, just because he’s doing it now doesn’t mean he’ll always do it. He’s just playing with his newfound freedom and the possibilities of the media available to him.

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