Hot Hot Hotter Than Hell…

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A week of intense heat has melted my brain. Nothing new until the weather cools down. In the meantime, entertain yourself with this:


It May Be Fugly But It Should Keep You Cool

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Thank Franco and his wonderful blog for this bizarre, home-made air conditioner (mechanical engineers just make me weak in the knees…)


Apparently, the above pictured DIY cooling unit can be made using the following inexpensive items:

  • Aluminum repair roll
  • Assortment of nuts, bolts, screws and washers that you may or may not use
  • Durable waterproof silicone: GE Silicone II for adhesion to steel, aluminum, and wood (it’s the type of high quality silicone used for aquariums)
  • 20 litre plastic bucket (pick a color to match your decor)
  • A smallish plastic container (about the size of a spraycan lid)
  • A small desk/floor fan like this one
  • 3 silicone baking mats
  • A few cloth strips

The instructions seem easy to follow:

The construction was fairly simple. It only took me a few hours. I used a 20 litre plastic container to house the heat exchanger and also hold the cooling medium which is ice-water in this case. I made the heat exchanger roughly 7 mm (0.7 cm) wide and 20 cm high to promote a high rate of cooling, and also to compensate for a shorter flow length than was used in the previous version. To prevent leakage the gaps were sealed with silicone (which happens to be DAP 100% silicone for this particular project – great stuff and it cures fast!).

For all the details, including a step-by-step (somewhat) illustrated guide, visit Assorted Tips.

If you injure yourself while making this unit, burn something down while running it or cause any other sort of harm to yourself, others or property, I am SOOOOOOOO not liable!

New Details Regarding US Produce Contamination

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From The Los Angeles Times:

U.S. Expands Salmonella Warning on Fresh Tomatoes

Officials are still searching for the origins of the tainted fruit, advising restaurants and stores not to sell products containing three varieties.

Full story…

From The New York Times:

Green Onions Identified as Source of E. Coli Cases

After Taco Bell traced a growing E. coli outbreak to green onions at its restaurants yesterday morning, government investigators began an intensive search to identify the source of the contamination.

Full story…


Bagged Spinach E. Coli Outbreak Spreads to 19 States

Sober warnings for salad lovers came from U.S. health officials as they struggled to pinpoint a E. Coli outbreak that killed one person and sickened nearly 100 more in 19 states.

Full story…

From America’s Mexican:

Comedian George Lopez Discloses Contamination Source

Full video (1 of 7)…


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Animal Commercials That Rule

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Flea/tick/mosquito-control for pets is A MUST, but why not consider some non-toxic solutions, too?

Wire Fox Terriers are so cute! Instead of buying one from a store or breeder, adopt a rescue!

All animals, even pigeons, are swerve-worthy.

For Those Who Live Life On the Edge…

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(…or those who don’t mind getting stranded on the side of the road)

Tank on Empty: Great site for broke people who can’t always afford to refuel the car.

A much better site description from

The Tank on Empty idea is simple enough: The site invites motorists to ignore the fuel-warning light for as long as they’re comfortable, note the number of miles they drive before refueling, and input the data online. For example, 30 of my fellow Toyota Corolla owners report having driven an average of 52 miles after the light, with one fearless soul checking in at an astounding 99 miles (of course, there’s no way to verify these claims).

Stats for my car, a Nissan Altima:

As my bank account is always in the negative, I think this information is going to prove very useful.

Nine Inch Nails 2008 Tour Rehearsals Flickr Stream!

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6.05.2008: New message from Trent on


I am proud to announce the final personnel lineup of nine inch nails for the foreseeable future. We’ve added, we’ve subtracted and we’ve wound up with unquestionably the strongest lineup I’ve EVER had. Joining me onstage will be Robin Finck, Alessandro Cortini, Josh Freese and Justin Meldal-Johnson.
We’ve been working on something really special for these shows and so far I couldn’t be happier with the results. We’ll be revealing some live performances shortly here on – in the meantime, we’ve posted some photos from rehearsals up on Flickr here.

Trent singing